Edamame (soybeans in pods)

Edamame (soybeans in pods)

One of the most in-demand trends in the frozen vegetable section, currently, is edamame beans. Also known as soya beans, edamame is a vegetable with nearly the same health benefits and nutritional value as meat. Actually, nutritionists view it as the new superfood in the food industry.

Traditionally consumed in Asia, these types of beans are quickly gaining popularity even among mainstream Americans. Considering their refreshing taste and numerous healthful benefits, that comes as no surprise. Shiny in color, crunchy in texture, and delicately sweet in flavor, edamame beans can easily lighten up almost any recipe.

Soybeans supplier of choice

If you own a supermarket, fast-food chain, grocery store, or hotel, and want to serve your customers with the highest quality of these beans, Ming Hong can be of great help. You don’t have to fill your shelves only with the regular beans (green beans, navy beans, kidney beans, pinto beans), give your shoppers a change by availing these tasty snacks.

Customers demand the finest of beans from around the globe, which has inspired us to import and supply the best-selling Edamame brand “Greenland” in America. Evidently, we have become the soya beans wholesale supplier of choice, because of our strong emphasis on timely delivery, vast product portfolio, and customer satisfaction.

We select the very best of varieties.

Harvested at their peak, par-boiled and snap-frozen to maintain their field-fresh flavor and quality, your customers will never get enough of them. You can be sure; all your orders will be processed and packaged according to the highest American food safety standards using ultra-modern vegetable handling technology.

Fun to eat, delicious, and versatile, frozen soybeans are one wholesome food your customers will always be ready to buy and eat on a regular basis.

  • High in Protein
  • Naturally Low in Fat
  • Very Low in Carbs
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Rich in Isoflavones

Healthy! Natural! Garden Fresh! Greenland edamame is the “all-round good for you, great tasting, anytime snack food!”