Frozen Seafood (sushi-grade)

It is not long ago that a sushi chef’s daily routine included waking up at 4am to visit the local fish market for fresh fish of the day, and fresh sushi were a treat reserved for coastal cities. Thanks to the advances in flash freezing technology, fresh catch can now be flash frozen fresh out of the ocean, and delivered to locations thousands of miles away while maintaining its exquisite flavor.

Ming Hong International is the leading frozen sushi ingredients supplier in North America. We serve a diverse customer base, including grocery stores, seafood retailers and wholesalers. Our products can be found in the finest restaurants, hotels and retail markets.

Let us be your supplychain partner by carrying our full line of frozen tuna, salmon, escolar, ama ebi, sushi ebi, nobashi ebi, unagi, anago, tako, hamachi, ikura, masago, tobiko, izumidai, soft shell crab, etc.

Quality assurance

When it comes to quality, Ming Hong International leaves nothing to chance. We go the extra mile to ensure the frozen sushi ingredients we source and distribute are of the highest quality standard.

A good sushi chef knows the best cut by examining the texture and color. Our sushi grade frozen seafood and sushi ingredients meets the approval of top sushi chefs.

We care about sushi and your business

What’s more, we love to build a long-term relationship with you by listening to your needs and provide excellent customer service. Our quality products are always just a phone call away.

Try our frozen sushi-grade seafoods, and see the difference for your self