Frozen Seafood (sushi-grade)

Frozen Seafood (sushi-grade)

Sushi-grade frozen seafood is the new fresh. Advances in technology means frozen Japanese seafood can be just as amazing as (or even better than) fresh. It is frozen at its peak freshness, ensuring the original exquisite flavor, texture, and nutritive value is preserved, regardless of how far-off it is being delivered.

Ming Hong International is the leading frozen sushi supplier in North America. We serve a diverse customer base, including some of the continent’s finest hotels, restaurants, clubs, and supermarkets, along with grocery stores, seafood retailers and wholesalers!

Boost your customers’ sushi options by trying our full line of frozen tuna, salmon, escolar, ama ebi, sushi ebi, nobashi ebi, unagi, anago, tako, hamachi, ikura, masago, tobiko, izumidai, soft shell crab, etc.

Quality assurance

When it comes to quality, Ming Hong International leaves nothing to chance. We always go the extra mile to ensure the frozen sushi we source and supply to supermarkets and restaurants is of unmatched quality.

Besides complying with the strict federal and local regulations, we take it a notch higher with a self-imposed set of health standards that must be met. Our staff receives specialized training to ensure our frozen seafood and sushi is checked for quality from sourcing to packing to distribution.

We care about sushi and your business

What’s more, we try to build a long-term relationship with you by listening to your needs and guarantee complete access to the status of your order at any time you desire. Most importantly, we keep you updated with industry and market trends — so that you can always remain ahead of the curve and competitors.

In short, when you partner with us, we practically become an extension of your team. Each day we work hard to ensure Ming Hong International is synonymous with “excellence.

  • Great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce bad cholesterol and minimize the risk of heart diseases
  • Low in calories — there is no added fat
  • High in proteins
  • A prolific source of antioxidants

Healthy, delicious, fresh, and trendy! One bite and your customers will taste the myriad benefits of frozen sushi-grade: