Spring Roll

The spring rolls are timeless asian delicacies that goes back to the age of dynasties. It is traditionally consumed during the Spring Festival, when families were reunited and coming of the spring was celebrated. We invite you to celebrate this tradition with us by bringing you Greenland brand Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Our spring rolls are hand-rolled in delicate flour wraps, and filled with crisp fresh vegetables. They are easy to prepare and ready to cook in minutes. With its golden brown & crispy skin, delicious fresh flavors, and the long table holding time – we provide the food service and fast food restaurants with the best quality vegetable spring rolls in America.

Our spring rolls are made with 100% wheat flour skin. Consumers prefer the healthier choice!

  • Hand-Rolled
  • Natural & Healthy
  • No MSG Added
  • Filled with Fresh Vegetables
  • Ready to Serve in Minutes
  • Crisp & Tasty
  • Restaurant Quality
  • Great for parties, snacks & dishes